Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Many of you viewing this article are savvy entrepreneurs who have been battle-hardened by the flames of capitalism, and have notched your belt with years marked by freedom, flexibility, and opportunities to grow and develop yourself. Some of you are probably just starting out and are wondering what the heck you are doing and when the next time you will get to see your family is. I admire your stoic effort and thank you for the time you are putting in now to make the world better for everyone. Many of you are looking at this page and don’t see yourself in either category, maybe you are somewhere in between, or gasp maybe you haven’t yet begun to walk the path of Entrepreneurship.

Well, this is for you (and I do mean all of you). This website is your playground. It is a place where you can find the tools to take you and your business over the next rise, to view the vistas of opportunities that can and will be yours. You all started your businesses for a reason. Or more realistically, a host of reasons, today, we are going to explore a few of them, feel free to comment below why you started yours (or why you want to).

For the Love of Business

A powerful motivator to begin a business is the opportunity to do what you love. Clayton M. Christensen, in his book How Will You Measure Your Life? tells us that factors such as pay do not contribute to enjoyment or fulfillment in the workplace. He also makes the claim, that as we do what we love, the money will follow. If you do what you love, you will work harder, better, and smarter, and you will find success. You will be committed to your cause, and you will gain immense satisfaction from your work.

  • Love What You Do

  • Control Your Destiny

  • Create Your Own Form of Job Security

Become Something, Grow Your Business and Yourself

As many of you know through your own experience, starting a business can be a time-consuming and arduous process. A man told me, “When you start a business, you work twice as hard as you used to and you make half as much money.” I asked him why he started his own business then, and he told me that he did it so he didn’t have to work for anyone else. That was a powerful motivator for him, and for many others too. To him it was worth the extra effort, and in this startup phase of his business, it was also worth a pay reduction.

Why is that? What makes a perfectly sane individual, who is normally very capable of looking out for their own interests, choose to work harder for less? There are a lot of significant thoughts on this topic. Joe Pulizzi for example, author of Content Inc. and founder of the Content Marketing Institute when asked about the risk he took leaving his job and starting a business, stated “Yes, at first it seemed like I was risking a lot. But in hindsight, I made the safest move possible. Over the Time I’ve been an entrepreneur, many of my friends lost their jobs. . . in taking control of as much of my life as possible, I believe my move was the least risky of all.” -Joe Pulizzi Content Inc. Pg. 10

Job security may just be a reason to go for it! We don’t often think of starting a business as a very secure way to make a living, but all of that is under your control. Kind of scary really. If you don’t make it you have no one to rant about on Facebook, no one to call out on Twitter, nobody to badmouth, because it is all you really. There are other forces at work for sure, but your success is measured by how well you meet those challenges when they come.

Starting a business will certainly give you a first-class education, but It can also be a time consuming, taxing process, that tests you, body and mind, and will push you to the edges of what you thought possible. That is why we are here, if you want to do what you love, and take control of your future, we can help. Whether you are looking to start your business, or you already have, let us take the busyness out of business. From Web Design to marketing, to logo design, and setting up a business entity, we have you covered.

Nephi Roy