• For our website design and development clients, we offer continued domain registration, hosting, and maintenance services. We keep your domain name registered for up to 5 years in advance so that you never have to worry about losing your brand's identity. Our hosting services keep your website files and client information safe on our private server, and always available with 100% uptime. If you ever need anything changed or updated on your website, or if you need something added - like subscriptions or a booking feature added to your Estore - that is all covered with our continued web-care service. All for just $1 a day!
  • Allow us to take care of your online marketing needs. With our social marketing packages, you can find a service that fits your business needs and create value for your business in a big way. Our proven results are undeniable. Allow us to help you touch more people via your social profiles. We know you'll grow. *Note* All of our marketing services can be targeted to a geographical area
    • Social Media Marketing: Drive followers to your business' Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram profiles
    We offer a simple pricing structure for our organic growth services. $30 per platform per month for our starter package. For just a dollar a day, we will work to help you organically grow your social media accounts. For businesses and pros, we also offer additional packages to ramp up the amount of growth you will experience.
  • All of our Instagram promotional services are to be used with prudence and understood to be inorganic results driven only to increase organic engagement. We have found that posts with more likes have a higher chance of being liked by the next viewer than a post with no likes at all. Having control over the amount of initial engagement a posts receives can help you get more organic engagement as followers and those looking at your tags find your posts. This service is a monthly service allowing you to have all of your new posts - up to 10 posts per day, at least 30 minutes apart - all month - to be promoted to receive additional views + likes within an hour of being posted. This is the golden hour to get engagement, so that organic viewers will see that your post is already popular and they will be more interested.
  • Our secured website services includes an SSL Certificate + Installation, all for a small yearly fee. Please read our article on Google's requirement of SSL certificates as of July 2018: https://bistreck.com/why-google-is-forcing-you-to-have-ssl-certificates-on-your-websites/
  • Our local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is a monthly subscription based service that provides your business with everything that you will need to gain more visitors from Google searches, as well as other local searches, such as via Siri, Google Assistant (Android), Yelp, Facebook and Foursquare. As a Certified Yext Professional, we have combined the best local SEO service with our on page and PPC campaign management through Google Adwords and Facebook (+Instagram) to provide your business with our Local Search Engine Optimization package. Local search ranking is determined mainly by three components: First, consistency in data - Google and other search engines trying to determine the data that should be presented to its users looks at the consistency in data across multiple data sources. This data needs to be tagged, which lets search engines know what data on the page is your business' data. Namely, your name, address, and phone number are most importantly. That's why our Local Search package allows you to enter your data once on our client portal, and your business location will be listed on the top business directories there are. You can even upload pictures of your business to our client portal, and they will be uploaded to all of your business listings. Second, is reviews. If you use local search before deciding where you'd like to eat or get your hair cut, then you are among 60% of people who make a local search and make a decision to buy based on the results they receive. The value to your business to be among those listings is vast. Once you are there though, you have to compete head to head, and what sets your listing apart will be largely the experiences that are left behind by your previous customers - in the form of reviews. That is why our professional level Local Search package includes Review Generation. Last, is relevance. Staying relevant in today's world of search means being a part of a conversation with your customers, such as engaging with them on your business Facebook page. This can also mean posting on other social media, and writing blog posts within your niche. If you can help people trust you through what you right, then they will also want to work with you when they are ready to buy. Of course, our client portal allows you to update all of your social media profiles with one click - just type your post, upload a picture, then click post (or schedule it for the future) and your post will be spread across all of your online presence.
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    Complete Online Marketing

    Marketing, the stuff that business dreams are made of. Give your business a boost with our customized solutions. We tailor our campaign to you and your needs to find your potential customers. From Google, to Bing, to Facebook and beyond, we will put your business in front of people interested in your products.
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    Website Design & Development

    We provide industry standard website design and development services allowing you to have an excellent image for your business while making sure that we have your website online 100% of the time. We offer complementary domain registration, and as an add-on, offer 12 months of unlimited web hosting, along with unlimited support and change requests or additions to your website.
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    Every business owner needs a memorable business card that makes a good impression. Let us help you make that impression with our business card design services, and we'll ship you your cards via Vistaprint, with custom materials & styles available at no additional cost.
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    Logo Design Services

    Depending on the needs of your business, our graphic designers will create a stunning first impression for your customers by designing a logo that expresses you and your business at a glance.